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Are you often frustrated by the need to keep logging in and out of your browser in order to manage Social Profiles or Websites for multiple clients?

For example, to work on multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts at one time with Chrome browser, one would have to log out every time a switch was desired.

Even if you used the persona feature that is native to Chrome, you would still have your desktop littered with open windows.

Don’t worry, today I have a solution for you.

I’d like to introduce you to Ghost Browser.

Ghost Browser is a free download for mac or pc and solves the problem of managing multiple social profiles in a most elegant and efficient way.

It allows you to have one main browser window open, with color coded tabs or tab groups, each representing a different Social Profile.

Ghost Browser also provides a handy drop-down navigation menu so that you can easily access any open tab by starting with the Social Profiles.

There is evidence to show that working in one browser this way is more efficient than moving across multiple browser windows.

In my testing, I’ve found this to be true. I’ve also found it far less frustrating to work since I can assign any new link to open into the Social Profile group of my choosing.

If you’ve found yourself needing a way to manage multiple social profiles or client websites, Ghost Browser is worth a try today.