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Today I’m going to introduce you to an online service we used to build the landing page for our lead candidate.

The service is called LeadPages.

LeadPages is a second-generation page builder that does several things very well, without the overhead of hosting your own WordPress site:

  • Creating landing pages without any design or coding experience
  • Collecting email addresses without a third party email service
  • Delivery of a Lead Magnet in exchange for an email address
  • Display of Responsive layouts without self-hosting or a WordPress site
  • Basic analytic and A/B testing of landing page elements

The most compelling reason to use LeadPages is the ability to run an unlimited number of lead candidate landing pages from one account, for just $37 per month

This means that one can create an optimized landing page for an initial Craigslist candidate, and then duplicate this setup as many times as one likes with just a couple minutes of work.

The speed and efficiency of this process enables one to easily SHOW your proposed landing page solution to dozens of lead candidates per day.

Each candidate represents at least $97 of initial income, and many times more than that in potential upsells.

LeadPages even makes it easy share or sell your completed landing pages as a template file for others to use:

Although there are many landing page builders available today, LeadPages provides an economical and efficient way to prospect for leads on Craigslist and then deliver a paid solution.

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