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What makes for a compelling offer?

A compelling offer is the deal you are offering potential customers in exchange for money.

This might occur on your sales page, in a sales video, at a live event, or even on a webinar.

There are seven essential components that make it easy to craft a compelling offer every time:


  • The Headline  – Should be focused on the core emotions that drive customers to purchase. You should be clear about specific outcomes that follow from accepting your offer.
  • Frame The Customer’s Challenge – Reminding the customer that you understand the pain they are experiencing and how your product is uniquely positioned to help.
  • Tell Your Story – Share the origin story for your product, including the before and after moments. Make it powerful and it will hook the prospect, because stories are the most compelling content of all.
  • Dish Out The Benefits And Results  – Even one sticking point that you clarify for your prospects could be the the trigger that convinces them to buy. Be explicit with your examples.
  • State The Price By Demonstrating The Value – If you show prospects that their total cost is just a fraction of the additional profit or time savings they will realize, they will find it hard to resist your offer. Don’t forget to offer bonuses at this time (“But wait…there’s more!”)
  • Reverse The Risk  – Make it clear that there is no risk to buying because of your guarantee. This shifts all the burden off of your prospects since they can always have their money back if not satisfied.
  • Call To Action  – Be very specific about how the cause and effect will work. For example, if they click the buy button then they will be taken to your secure server for checkout and the product download link will be emailed within minutes thereafter.


If you’ve never felt confident creating Compelling Offers, please try my seven component method and let me know how it worked for you!