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Are you an aspiring freelancer who is having trouble finding new clients?

Maybe you live in a very small town, or even outside of the United States, and there are no local entrepreneurs or small business owners in your geographic area.

If you’re struggling to figure out just where you will find your next client, then this video is for you!

In today’s video I’m going to give you a sure-fire strategy for finding three new clients today.

The secret is understanding that, in today’s world, your clients do NOT have to be located in your area.

In fact, you will more likely find a client online than in your home town!

You can find three new clients today with these steps:

  1. ASK WHAT pain am I able to solve for these prospective clients?
  2. ASK WHERE do these prospective clients most likely live?
  3. SEARCH for matches using a few key online tools, including your friend “google”

Step One – Ask WHAT pain am I able to solve for these prospective clients?

This is essential for narrowing the focus on who you will see out online.

If you’re not crystal clear about WHAT pain you will solve, then you have no starting point for any conversation.

No conversation means… no relationship can be built.

So let’s be sure you focus on WHAT pain you can solve.

While this can be almost anything under the sun, I suggest you start with an area where you already have a great amount of personal knowledge or experience, and then work backwards.

For example. I’ve been a pilot my whole life and understand that pilots need to have certain tests and medical exams to stay current and legal to fly.

If I wanted to come up with a better online solution to solve this “pain” point for pilots, I would ask myself how I could explain this problem, and my solution, in one simple sentence.

This may be something like: “Legal To Fly is the easiest way to ensure that you are always up to date with your medical and training certifications”

If anyone asked me to elaborate on what the business does, I would say “We provide pilots an easy way to make sure that their medical and flying certificates are always current with one click.”

Because I’ve gone through the process of writing out the pitch for the solution, that includes a summary of the pain it solves, it has forced me to remove any “fluff” or uncertainty from what I’m offering.

The WHAT is crystal clear.

Step Two – Ask WHERE do these prospective clients most likely live?

This may not be limited to any particular city or geographic region, but the act of asking yourself where these prospects may live is conducive to the goal of narrowing your search criterion.

For example, should you find that most pilots live in warm climates where flying is possible year round, you may limit your search to the Southern regions of the United States.

Or perhaps if you were focusing on Sea Plane pilots, you’d limit yourself to searching only in coastal or lake-filled areas of the Country.

By asking the WHERE question, you help to optimize your initial research by focusing exclusively on those areas where a prospect likely resides, instead of areas where they never would.

Step Three – SEARCH for matches using a few key online tools, including your friend “google”

Ironically, the most effective tool for finding new clients is both free and something you use every day!

It’s Google.

Because Google has gone to great lengths to index incredible volumes of data about individuals, businesses, and their geographic locations, social network affiliations and more… it has most everything you need to find your new clients today.

For example, to find all the pilots in the Western Region of the United States, I merely typed in “list of all pilots in california”.

This lead me right to the website where all of these names and contact information are available as public records.


From there I could take the name and address of any pilot and cross check them personally in Google to find their email, personal websites, phone number, and more.

While it is true that some steps are often required in order to curate out the information most valuable to my goal, this is an incredible time we live in for being able to build a list of cold prospects and then execute on your ideas.

In just a few minutes, I could have a list of ten or twenty prospects to email and then ask for a follow-up call regarding my ideas for a new product.

By using some of our other techniques here at you can guarantee your initial contact is met with an 80% or greater response rate in order to get you to the phone call.

Once on the phone, you will then be able to determine whether your idea has merit and should be built into a deliverable solution you can sell to these same prospects and others.


  • ASK WHAT pain am I able to solve for these prospective clients?
  • ASK WHERE do these prospective clients most likely live?
  • SEARCH for matches using a few key online tools, including your friend “google”

It all starts by being clear about the pain you believe exists in the marketplace, and where the people suffering this pain may reside.

By going through the steps of thinking through these first two criterion, you will simplify and expedite your use of free tools such as Google to find prospective client matches.

Finally, you can find the personal contact info for the individuals using the same online tools for free, in order to send out an effective first-contact email that will lead to a research phone call.

Once you become accustomed to finding prospects this way, and reaching out to them, you will wonder how anything so “easy” is not being used by every freelancer who complains that they are having trouble finding new clients!