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Analysis paralysis is the state of over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

It’s caused by our Ego being uncomfortable with the unknown, thereby triggering an anxiety response.

May people feel this when shopping for electronics, groceries, or even when picking which movie to go see!

It’s felt most often in business, when one is trying to decide on a course of action that is new and unfamiliar.

For example, when deciding to update an old website to a new design. So many choices….argh!!

The cure is actually quite simple, with just three steps:

First, work backwards from your goal and realize that you cannot make a “wrong” decision.

Most all analytical choices are just that…choices. Your journey continues forward and no matter which path you take, you can always course correct later to compensate.

Second, listen to your gut instinct.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have come as far as they have because their instincts have generally been correct through an endless series of decisions.

Put faith in your own track record and ask yourself to “pick a card” without thinking too hard about it.

Your instinct will overcome your Ego.

Finally, just DO IT.

The hardest part of jumping out of an airplane is the part where you actually leap.

Once you do, however, the complete liberation takes over and you realize that the rest is an enjoyable ride.

Similarly, once you commit yourself to choosing A or B by a date certain, you will find that the feeling of relief from actually making your decision is far more satisfying than the feeling of anxiety you experienced previously.

Analysis Paralysis is real…but it need not be something that debilitates your business decision making.

Once you practice this three step process, you’ll find an ever-increasing track record of decisions to reinforce your new practice and your Ego will eventually take a permanent vacation.