In 2006 I found myself divorced, with custody of my young sons

I was facing a total collapse of the real estate industry where I had made my livelihood for 20 years


I had to make a choice between going backwards to practicing law again (which I hated)

Or forwards to try something else

But a 42 year old single-dad was not being offered any “handouts” in the middle of a huge recession

And I couldn’t afford the time or help to be away from home or my children

So my choices were very clear

I had to “reinvent” the game so that the odds were in my favor

To make my livelihood fit the needs of my life

Instead of making my life fit the needs of my livelihood

I started with the skills I already had as an entrepreneur

And applied them to a new medium. The Internet

My love of flying and photography led me to seek out a new way to combine the two activities


That’s when I discovered the earliest “build your own” tools. Before Facebook or YouTube

These allowed me to invent and share solutions for building social networks online

Suddenly I was known as the “Evil Genius”, with people wanting to pay me for my solutions

I could suddenly work from anywhere, earning a recurring revenue, any time day or night

People were thrilled to find someone they could trust to make complicated things easier

I didn’t matter that I had virtually no previous experience regarding these solutions

They only cared that I had answers to the pain they were experiencing, and was willing to help them

But there were limits to what I could do because everything was on privately owned SaaS platforms

Then, after a few years, I discovered WordPress and everything changed

Suddenly all the pieces came together!


I was now able to show people not just how to solve their pain

But also how to own and control their own solution

And in doing so, to grow their own livelihood around their life, just as I had done

Flash forward sixteen or so years later, and I’m known as an authority in WordPress

I have 40k+ happy clients, customers and students, who gladly pay $300/hr to work with me


My audience continues to grow, because I’m constantly sharing new and useful knowledge

Because technology continues to evolve and confuse those without time to keep up

But people, and their needs, remain the same

We ALL want a relationship with a trusted friend or expert

Someone who can help us to move forward by solving our pain

This universal truth helped me to make the life I wanted for my kids and myself


And it will help you to build a new or improved business around your own skills or interests

In doing so, you too can achieve a true “lifestyle” business that can never be taken away!

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